Frank Rieber (Managing Director MILLER, right) and Christian Link (Fire Brigade Commander Altenstadt, left) ©MILLER

Thanks to the volunteer fire brigade

In December 2021, we thanked the Altenstadt fire brigade, which did an excellent job especially during the floods of 2020 and 2021, with a donation cheque of 1,500 euros. 
The professional efforts of all those involved prevented serious damage to the environment and to MILLER's buildings and facilities.
The donated amount will be used to purchase more flood pumps. "The last two years have shown that flood protection plays an increasingly important role. For this reason, we want to support the Altenstadt fire brigade and make it possible to purchase the necessary equipment," says Frank Rieber, Managing Director of MILLER.
Christian Link, commander of the Altenstadt fire brigade, gladly accepted the symbolic donation cheque.