Off to a good start! Beginners’ Day 2019

| Miller

On 2 September 2019, we welcomed 18 new apprentices.

In early September, 18 young people began their apprenticeships in the following areas:

  • Metal cutting mechanic – specialising in grinding machines
  • Machine and plant operator
  • Specialist in warehouse logistics / warehouse clerk
  • Commercial assistant

Overall, around 65 career entrants in industrial and business fields are currently completing an apprenticeship with us.

Because manufacturing high-precision solid carbide tools requires skilled specialists, we place great emphasis on sound training and trust in our junior employees. Thanks to a modern training concept, the youngsters are extremely well-qualified and are presented with very good development and career opportunities.

The new apprentices with the training team Simon Jäger, Andrej Grasmik and Hannah Fritsch (on the far right) as well as Diana Gratzl, Diane Richter and Lena Oesterle (on the far left).

[Translate to English:] Die neuen Auszubildenden mit den Ausbildungsverantwortlichen Simon Jäger, Andrej Grasmik und Hannah Fritsch (rechts außen) sowie Diana Gratzl, Diane Richter und Lena Oesterle (links außen)