Brigitte Waltl-Jensen (left) from the St. Nikolaus Children's Hospice in Bad Grönenbach with Managing Director Frank Rieber.

Markus Reiter (left), headmaster of Altenstadt Primary School, with Managing Director Frank Rieber.

Sandra Baur (left), head of the Filzingen kindergarten, with Managing Director Frank Rieber.

Donations for social institutions

At the turn of the year 2021/22, we have dispensed with gifts to customers and business partners. As in previous years, we support social institutions in the Altenstadt region instead. 500 euros each went to the St. Nikolaus children's hospice in Bad Grönenbach, the Filzingen kindergarten and the Altenstadt primary school's social fund. The pictures show the handing over of donations by Managing Director Frank Rieber to Brigitte Waltl-Jensen (St. Nicholas Children's Hospice, picture 1), Markus Reiter, Principal of Altenstadt Primary School (picture 2) and Sandra Baur (Head of Filzingen Kindergarten, picture 3).