History, progress, tradition

For almost a quarter of a century, the name MILLER has been synonymous with technical progress, engineering skills and modern high-performance drills and milling cutters. Over the course of the decades, the Illertal-based company has developed into a leading producer of precision tools and an important technology partner for prestigious customers from trade, industry and power engineering.

By integrating the company into the MAPAL Group, a strategic decision was made which ideally prepares the company for the future and guarantees customers and employees many years of security and stability.


The company is founded in Altenstadt as a production plant for drilling tools. On a production area of 200 m², 6 employees produced the first solid carbide drilling tools for customers from the machine engineering and automotive industries.

The success, the quality of the products and the high demand speak for MILLER. A new facility in Altenstadt increases the production area to 2200 m² and the machine capacities are extended. At this time the company has 25 employees.

Tribute is once again paid to the high demand for precision tools from Altenstadt. The production area is expanded to over 5000 m² and the machine capacities are boosted accordingly. In the meantime the company has over 40 employees in production and administration.

The integration of the company into the global MAPAL Group headquartered in Aalen represents an important step towards safeguarding the company's future. MILLER nevertheless continues to operate independently. From this time on, MILLER ranks highly in the MAPAL Group as the competence centre for solid carbide tools and can continue to develop and produce its products independently and to sell them through its own sales structure.

Another important measure towards building the future at MILLER is the further expansion of the premises. The expansion of the production area to over 10,000 m², the reorganisation of the internal quality organisation and the construction of an ultra-modern logistics centre creates one of the most modern factories for solid carbide tools in Europe. Enormous investments in the latest production technologies and the increase in the workforce to over 220 employees make MILLER one of the most innovative and efficient competence centres within the MAPAL Group.

As part of a new brand strategy, the "tool-traders-partner" group is founded. The members BECK, MILLER and WTE distribute their products under their own brand name as a partner of trade in order to ensure more intensive support for the customers.

In the light of continuous growth and the positive market situation, major investments are once again made in the areas of production technology and personnel. In the meantime MILLER has over 440 outstandingly qualified employees.

Generation change at top management level. On 31 May 2015, Robert Wörner goes into a well-deserved retirement after many years of successful work for the company as Commercial Director. His successor, Dr. Tim Gudszend, an internationally experienced manager, takes over his duties.

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