In our everyday work, we are driven by our pursuit of an optimum tool solution for our customers. To this end, we adjust to suit our customers, endeavour to understand them and work together to devise the ideal solution. 

Our actions are based on values and guidelines, both in collaboration with you and amongst ourselves.

Core values of MILLER

Our approach, based on partnership and close collaboration, characterises our conduct just as much as our core values.



  • dependable
  • efficient
  • professional
  • leading
  • innovative
  • competent


Guidelines for working together effectively

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. But optimal internal processes and structures, good cooperation between us and our customers in particular and also between the employees of our company are also essential for shared success.

Diversity and respect are the foundations of our collaboration. In our everyday work, our dealings with one another are

  • respectful
  • honest
  • purposeful and systematic
  • open-minded
  • friendly and team-focused.

We expect our employees to

  • work hard for our company
  • be honest
  • represent our values

For our managers, we have agreed on important leadership guidelines:


Leadership guidelines

  • We want to put a communication culture into practice and lead in an open and transparent way.
  • We want to treat our employees fairly and with respect and behave in an exemplary fashion. We want to create trust.
  • We take responsibility for the company and its activities as well as for our employees.
  • Together with our employees, we create a culture of continuous improvement and initiate improvements in a targeted way.
  • We support and speak up for the professional and personal development of our employees and provide constructive feedback.
  • We implement change processes collectively and promote thinking and acting cross-departmentally.