As our customer, you can rely on us. In every respect.


Regular audits and certifications that underpin our company’s quality standard are an important part of this. Of course, we are also conscious of our responsibility as a company with respect to environment and energy and are part of the integrated management system of the MAPAL Group.

Integrated management policy at MILLER

The integrated management policy covers the areas of quality, environment and energy. It is used to plan technical and human resources in a future-oriented way and thus safeguard and optimise economic success, the continuous improvement of company processes and sustainable protection of the environment.

It is based on the six strategic pillars of the MAPAL Group’s corporate strategy, primarily on the pillars of quality, information and speed.


Our products and our actions are the foundation for a high degree of customer satisfaction and the basis from which to retain our leading market position and tap into new markets. When modernising processes and systems or putting new ones in place, we ensure the best possible energy efficiency and pay attention to environmental protection and the conservation of resources.


Making efficient use of resources, raw materials and energy and achieving a consistently high quality level are the principal objectives of the quality, environmental and energy policy. Management systems for quality, the environment and energy support and document all phases of product development.


We stand for honest, ethical and environmentally friendly conduct on the part of employees, managers and suppliers.


Well-trained and motivated employees are essential for achieving corporate goals.
To this end, we facilitate continual training and instruction as well as a standardised suggestion scheme that allows employees to contribute to the achievement of goals with their own suggestions.
The employees are also involved in the formulation of the quality, environmental and energy goals.


The quality, environmental and energy goals as well as all production and working processes must be strictly adhered to and are subject to continuous improvement.

Here, it is important to implement the continuous adaptations persistently and at an appropriate speed.


Company processes are continuously developed and improved through the integrated management system in order to secure the long-term survival of the company.

Performance in the areas of quality, the environment and energy can be measured using specific key performance indicators and is thereby designed to be transparent. The management checks whether the quality, environmental and energy goals are being met at regular intervals and will initiate appropriate measures in the event of deviations.

We commit to observe applicable laws, regulations and requirements. The resources required for achieving the quality, environmental and energy goals are available.

The quality, environmental and energy goals apply to all parts of the company.

The employees are called upon to play an active part in achieving them.


Current certifications of MILLER GmbH & Co. KG

ISO 9001:2015 certificate (EN)

ISO 14001:2015 certificate (EN)

ISO 50001:2018 certificate (EN)

ISO 14001:2015 certificate (EN) of the MAPAL Group

ISO 9001:2015 certificate (EN) of the MAPAL Group

ISO 50001:2018 certificate (EN)