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“Around 490 employees work at our company. Their satisfaction, their motivation and their enthusiasm for MILLER and for our products are cornerstones of our success. That is why we make continuous improvement of the working environment, the promotion of smooth cooperation – among employees as well as with managers – and the personal development of individual employees our top priorities.”


Frank Rieber, Managing Director

Our vacancies


Find out which vacancies we would currently like to fill. The link will take you directly to the job portal. 


Job vacancies

About us as an employer


Who are we? What do we offer? What aspects of cooperation are most important to us?


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Joining us


Apprenticeship, work experience, direct entry: In this section, we will explain aspects of recruitment including the routes through which you can join us.


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Your careers contacts

Name Role Areas of responsibility Contact details
Simon Jäger Head of education and training Apprentices, work experience placements, students 08337 727-4579
Carina Schöllhorn HR Specialist Personnel support and recruiting 08337 727-4263
Ramona Bauer HR Specialist Personnel support and recruiting 08337 727-4308
Thomas Montag System administrator IT apprentices 08337 727-4053

Making the first impression count

Tips for a successful application

To apply for a role with us, please join the careers network in our job portal. To do so, register via the specified link and create a personal profile.

Please note: Ensure that you select the third option (“Only recruiters in charge of jobs for which I am applying”) on the registration screen as your response to “Make profile visible”only if you wish to apply solely for a specific position. If you are making a speculative application, your profile will otherwise not be visible to any recruiters.

After successfully registering on our system, you will be taken to your candidate profile. Please fill in this profile as completely and in as much detail as possible.

To do so, upload your CV and covering letter as a first step. The system will use the information from your CV and pre-populate some fields automatically.

The covering letter is still an important part of your application. Amongst other details, it highlights to us the reasons why you are interested in us as an employer.

When uploading additional enclosures, please limit these to PDF files and do not exceed a total of 10 MB.

Subsequently, you will be asked to enter contact details and information about previous employment, training etc. in your profile. This information may have already been copied over from your CV. Please nevertheless check everything carefully before you finish filling in your profile by clicking on “Save” and “Apply”.

You can view, edit and, of course, also delete your candidate profile at any time. Even if an application did not work out – it is worth keeping your profile up to date at all times. After all, we also use these profiles to look for candidates for a variety of roles – and may be able to offer you an alternative.

If there are no suitable openings for you, it is a good idea to use the job agent. This tool will inform you of any interesting vacancies based on criteria defined by you.

Get to know us personally

We would like to get to know you personally and impress you as a potential employer.

That is why we are in attendance at many regional career events.

You can find events that are already known in the News section.

We look forward to seeing you there!