Allow us to introduce ourselves: MILLER as an employer

At a glance:

  • We are part of the MAPAL Group.
  • As a family-run and international company, we attach great importance to the bond we have with our region.
  • We employ more than 490 team members, of which 7% are apprentices.
  • We offer our employees jobs that are secure for the long-term in a future-oriented and pleasant professional environment.
  • Our employees work with modern machinery in a clean and safe working environment.
  • Our employees have colleagues who are motivated and helpful by their side.
  • We are well connected to the transport network in Altenstadt (A7 motorway).

Core values of MILLER

Our approach, based on partnership and close collaboration, characterises our conduct just as much as our core values.



  • dependable
  • efficient
  • professional
  • leading
  • innovative
  • competent


Guidelines for working together effectively

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. But optimal internal processes and structures, good cooperation between us and our customers in particular and also between the employees of our company are also essential for shared success.

Diversity and respect are the foundations of our collaboration. In our everyday work, our dealings with one another are

  • respectful
  • honest
  • purposeful and systematic
  • open-minded
  • friendly and team-focused.

We expect our employees to

  • work hard for our company
  • be honest
  • represent our values

For our managers, we have agreed on important leadership guidelines:


Leadership guidelines

  • We want to put a communication culture into practice and lead in an open and transparent way.
  • We want to treat our employees fairly and with respect and behave in an exemplary fashion. We want to create trust.
  • We take responsibility for the company and its activities as well as for our employees.
  • Together with our employees, we create a culture of continuous improvement and initiate improvements in a targeted way.
  • We support and speak up for the professional and personal development of our employees and provide constructive feedback.
  • We implement change processes collectively and promote thinking and acting cross-departmentally.

Our works council

The works council is actively involved in company processes. It currently consists of eleven members.
Directly elected by the employees, it represents them, their rights and their interests to the employer.
Of course, the works council always has a sympathetic ear for the concerns of all employees.


Further development for your future

Only together are we MILLER: Nurturing our employees and supporting them with their training and further education has been a priority for us since day one. It is thanks to their qualifications and dedication that we are able to offer our customers innovative and highly productive tool solutions that put us ahead of the competition.

Here, mutual loyalty and trust are the basis of our cooperation. For example, when our employees complete a training course via our digital learning platform, they decide for themselves when to take the training course.

We support our employees completely in the development of their professional and soft skills by means of a continuous qualification process. Intensive regular discussions between employee and manager ensure that we are able to offer and carry out training courses at the right time.

Our social and corporate benefits

A variety of services and benefits are available to our employees covering various aspects of their everyday work. After all, it is important that they feel comfortable with us. Thus we offer free parking, low-priced food and drink and various events, for example. 

In addition, the corporate benefits include financial offerings such as company pension plans or exclusive offers in the areas of travel, fashion, technology and many more.

Increased holiday entitlement

An icon symbolising holiday entitlement

Rest periods are essential for the motivation and willingness to perform of our employees. Since 2022, we have taken this fact into account to an even greater extent and grant our staff 32 days of holiday per calendar year. Part-time employees receive a pro-rata share of their holiday entitlement.


Company doctor


Statutory regulations are not the only reason we regularly carry out occupational health examinations at the workstations: your safety always comes first!

The aim is to assess your physical suitability for particular activities and detect any issues/impairments that adversely affect your health at an early stage.

Of course, the company doctor is also at your disposal independently of these examinations if you are not feeling well.

Shared celebrations: employee events


We are a large family business – and still feel like one big family today. That is why we also like to celebrate together. For example, at our annual summer fête or at the end of a year as part of the Christmas celebrations. Some events are aimed only at employees, but for others we are only too pleased for relatives and visitors to join in. Examples of collective events are the summer fête, the Christmas party or the MAPAL European Championship or World Cup football tournaments, in which many locations from the MAPAL Group take part.




Get to work on the move and make a small contribution to sustainability at the same time! This could be the motto of the "JobRad" campaign in which we have been participating since September 2021. Our employees have the opportunity to choose a bike of their choice from a specialist dealer, including all brands and manufacturers. We lease the JobRad and make it available - both for journeys to work and for everyday, sports and leisure use. 


Canteen with meal allowance


In the staff canteen, our employees can choose from a rich variety of freshly prepared offerings. We also subsidise lunches.

Anybody yet to have breakfast can buy warm snacks, filled bread rolls, sweet buns or confectionery from the canteen. In addition, vending machines are available for snacks if you are peckish in between.

We have placed water coolers throughout the premises where our employees can help themselves free of charge. Coffee and cold drinks are available from the coffee and drinks machines.

Employee discounts


Our employees benefit from exclusive offers and discounts on travel, fashion, technology and much more. The offers, which change each month, are directly accessible on the intranet via an online platform or via the corresponding app.


Holiday programme


We take the compatibility of family and career seriously. For us, this also involves supporting our employees with childcare during the holidays. Your children can take part in the MILLER holiday programme and will be looked after for a whole week. The programme includes various outings, such as a visit to the zoo or a trip to the local fire station.


Company pension


We support our employees in building up an additional pension fund in order to reduce any pension gap that may arise in retirement. All employees also receive a monthly grant as contributions to capital formation.


Free parking


You can park your vehicle or bike free of charge in the ample parking areas and corresponding facilities on our premises.


Anniversary bonus


We hope that our employees stay with us for many years so that we can make a difference together. As a thank you and in recognition of their commitment and loyalty to the company, we honour them for each decade of service to the company as part of the employee jubilee celebration. We invite all employees celebrating major service anniversaries that calendar year, the works council and some management staff to this event. The long-serving employees receive a gift of money that is paid together with their salary. The amount is based on the employees’ length of service to the company.


Health measures


We promote the health of our employees. Health professionals from the occupational health service advise and support our employees in order to prevent and treat medical conditions. In addition, they offer various check-ups.

We are also pleased to support sports activities initiated by employees themselves. For example, we pay part of the entry fees for various swimming, running and cycling competitions or provide team clothing.

We became a partner in the Qualitrain fitness network in 2019: After registration, employees can work out at gyms or use leisure facilities such as swimming baths for a reduced fee.