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You are looking for a new challenge in your career where you can make best use of your knowledge and experience and constantly develop? And you want to do so in a technologically demanding yet secure, familiar environment?

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Find out about typical job profiles with us, about our apprenticeship offerings and student internships, about HR development and find out in interviews with our employees why they chose us as an employer.

Typical job profiles at our company and the activities they involve

What does the job of our CNC tool grinders entail? What does a logistics worker do?

To give you an idea of what awaits you at our company, below you will find brief profiles of typical jobs with us.

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Your apprenticeship

Training young people is a crucial factor in the success of our company. It is only thanks to our highly-qualified, loyal employees that we can offer our customers high-quality products and professional cooperation. We would like to achieve something together and offer our employees a secure long-term future. At the moment, we are training in seven training occupations, thus providing young people from the region with a solid foundation from which to launch their career as well as first-class employment prospects.

Find out here which trades you can learn with us and what content awaits you during your apprenticeship.

You are looking for a demanding job with fair pay and security for your professional future? Then apply now via our job portal.

Training at MILLER? Excellent!


2019: Germany's best training company

From 20,000 participating companies, we received the award as "Germany's best training company 2019" from Deutschlandtest and the business magazine Focus Money.


2017: MAX Award

The district of Neu-Ulm and the support group for vocational training in the district of Neu-Ulm e. V. awarded us the "MAX Award" in the category training company in 2017. The award recognizes the special commitment to vocational training.

IT specialist (m/f/x) in system integration

IT specialists in system integration are responsible for planning and configuring IT systems. This includes installing and setting up hardware components, operating systems and networks. Where errors occur, you are on the scene and help the users with application issues. Knowledge acquired during your apprenticeship will include how to differentiate between operating systems and their applications and what you need to bear in mind when adapting and configuring, how to use programming logic and methods and what you need to pay attention to when testing systems.


  • Design/implementation of IT systems
  • Installation/configuration of networked IT systems
  • Error detection and correction
  • Presenting solutions
  • Training users
  • Project planning

Commercial assistant (industry) (m/f/x)

As a commercial assistant, you will support business processes throughout the entire company.

During your apprenticeship, you will work in all business areas. In this way, you will become familiar with all important procedures of the various specialist areas. All of that will take place in close collaboration with motivated expert mentors who will support you.

Practically oriented implementation of the apprenticeship content in the areas of


  • Materials Management / Logistics
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Sales and Marketing

In all commercial departments such as Purchasing, Sales, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting


Machine and plant operator (m/f/x), specialising in metal engineering

As a machine and plant operator, you will put production machinery into operation, set it up, maintain and repair it. Your tasks will also include controlling and monitoring processes, storing the goods and performing manufacturing controls.


  • Basic training in metal machining (producing individual parts on conventional lathes, milling machines or grinding machines)
  • Training on CNC-controlled machine tools
  • Planning and monitoring manufacturing steps
  • Handling technical documents
  • Training in specialist operational departments
  • Monitoring and control of manufacturing processes
  • Operation of CNC-controlled machine tools

Technical product designer (m/f/x), specialising in machine and plant engineering

As a technical product designer, you will design and construct parts, assemblies or products. You will produce detailed 3D models on the CAD system. You will observe the current standards and produce correctly dimensioned manufacturing drawings. You will draw up assembly plans and parts lists for manufacturing and take care of product documentation.


  • Planning and designing parts and products using 3D CAD software
  • Developing products, from design through to the calculation of parts
  • Differentiating and selecting materials and assembly techniques
  • Creating and using technical documents
  • Carrying out test runs and optimising designs
  • Design
  • Operational planning
  • Production planning

Metal cutting mechanic (m/f/x), specialising in grinding machines

You will be manufacturing precision tools on CNC-controlled machine tools, which requires accuracy down to the micrometer. In a maximum of 3.5 years, you will learn how to process metal and how to handle machine tools in detail. You will become familiar with the manufacturing of precision tools in accordance with design drawings, work plans and standard operating procedures.

  • Basic training in metal machining
  • Training on CNC lathes, milling machines or grinding machines
  • Production of individual parts for special tools, devices or setting fixtures
  • Training in specialist operational departments
  • On state-of-the-art CNC machining centres in manufacturing

Specialist (m/f/x) in warehouse logistics

During an apprenticeship as a specialist in warehouse logistics, you will learn how to store goods properly, how to prepare cost-effective route plans that adhere to deadlines and how to prepare loading lists and loading plans. You will operate forklift trucks, load lorries, organise the unloading of goods, put deliveries together, work out quotations and help with inventory work and simple annual reports. The apprenticeship lasts for three years. Alternatively, you could add a one-year extension to your apprenticeship as a warehouse clerk.


  • Reception of goods
  • Appropriate sorting and storage
  • Entry of processes in SAP
  • Contribution to planning and organisational processes in logistics
  • Picking and shipment of goods
  • In all logistics departments e.g. Incoming Goods, Warehouse, Distribution

Warehouse clerk (m/f/x)

Warehouse clerks receive goods, and sort, store and forward them. In doing so, they work with various aids such as forklift trucks or automatic sorting systems.

Knowledge you will gain during this apprenticeship includes how to check stock levels and order documents and how to carry out work assignments in a customer-oriented way. In addition, you will find out what is involved in putting goods into storage. After the two-year apprenticeship, you will work in our Logistics and Distribution department.

  • Reception of goods
  • Appropriate sorting and storage
  • Entry of processes in SAP
  • Picking and shipment of goods
  • In all logistics departments e.g. Incoming Goods, Warehouse, Distribution

Making a carefully reserached choice of career: work experience placements

Before you can choose an apprenticeship, you need to find out what interests you and you have fun doing. That’s why you can try out all apprenticeships that we offer. This takes the form of a work experience placement as part of your career orientation. In this way, you can explore your chosen occupation and get to know us, talk to our employees and ask them about their everyday work.

We offer a variety of work experiences, generally lasting one week. During your time with us, experienced employees will look after you, give you an understanding of the world of MILLER and explain the tasks and requirements of the occupation to you.

Do you have any questions?

Then please write to us or call us:

Simon Jäger
Phone: +49 8337 727-4579

Are you interested?

Then apply for a work experience placement or a voluntary work experience in the holidays with us.
Please note that we must receive your application around three months before the planned work experience.

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Further development for your future

Only together are we MILLER: Nurturing our employees and supporting them with their training and further education has been a priority for us since day one. It is thanks to their qualifications and dedication that we are able to offer our customers innovative and highly productive tool solutions that put us ahead of the competition.

Here, mutual loyalty and trust are the basis of our cooperation. For example, when our employees complete a training course via our digital learning platform, they decide for themselves when to take the training course.

We support our employees completely in the development of their professional and soft skills by means of a continuous qualification process. Intensive regular discussions between employee and manager ensure that we are able to offer and carry out training courses at the right time.

“Why do I work at MILLER?”

Our employees tell us how they came to us, what their everyday work is like and what they treasure about their working environment and colleagues.


Patrizia Hahmann, Employee in Drill Production

"Working productively is just my thing! I get to see what I've achieved which gives me a great sense of satisfaction."



Bakr Chareeb, CNC Circular Grinder

"I love the variety of tasks carried out in circular grinding. I enjoy being able to use both my hands and my head along with the various tool types from job to job."


Claus Jehle, Design Engineer

“The solidarity and cooperation with managers as well as with other employees set MILLER apart.”



Julia Fried, HR Business Partner

“The fact that I was allowed to take on responsibility so quickly and can look after around 300 employees autonomously makes me very proud.”



Ute Hartl, Team Leader drill production

“I put my heart and soul into my work and I really enjoy making tools.”


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