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The high-performance solid carbide specialist

MILLER GmbH & Co. KG, Präzisionswerkzeuge in Altenstadt, Germany, produces solid carbide precision tools for drilling and milling with an innovative production strategy and resounding success.

Our greatest strengths are our wide standard range with application-specific catalogue tools and the high degree of flexibility enabling the implementation of complex special tools in solid carbide with outstanding results.

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Our range of services


Solid carbide drills

Complete - available - high-performance.

These keywords characterise our wide range of solid carbide drills for virtually any machining task.


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Replaceable head drills

Increasing raw material prices, streamlining of warehouses and consideration of life cycle costs speak in favour of using our replaceable head systems. With efficient connections, they achieve the performance level of solid carbide drills.


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Solid carbide end milling cutters

Our extensive end milling cutter range OptiMill guarantees you outstanding and reliable machining outcomes. It stands for cost-effectiveness and the highest level of performance potential.


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Regrinding service

With our high-quality regrinding and recoating service, we ensure that your tool is reconditioned to the quality you would expect from the manufacturer at the end of its service life – with attractive response time.


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