"Working productively is just my thing! I get to see what I've achieved which gives me a great sense of satisfaction."

Patrizia Hahmann, Employee in Drill Production

Patrizia Hahmann has been part of the Drill Production team for many years. She enjoys her work and feels comfortable among her colleagues. After taking a four-year career break to focus on family, she returned to the company at the beginning of 2020. Slipping back into work went smoothly because MILLER took the young mother's needs into consideration.


Patrizia, you switched to industry straight after your commercial training. Why was that?
Because I've noticed that it's much more fun for me to work productively. That's just my thing! Day after day, I hold the most diverse tools in my hands. These come in various sizes, diameters and spiral shapes, sometimes with and sometimes without cooling channels and with changing cutting edge geometries. Every drill gets the "finishing touch" from me, so to speak. That can be up to 300 per day. When I get to see what I've achieved at the end of the day, it makes me very happy.

You work in the Finishing department?
Yes. My workplace falls within the area of edge rounding. We're a diverse team of all ages, made up of twelve people. We have good chemistry together. My team leaders are always there for me if I have a question. However, I can usually manage on my own. Over the years, you acquire a lot of experience and practical knowledge.

What do you do exactly?
My job is to remove the sharp edges at the tip of the drills. I work on different machines depending on the model. How much material may be removed depends on the type and size of the workpiece. I follow the values in the table, which I have to adhere to exactly. This way, I not only work on grinding machines, but also on measuring devices and regularly check the results.

You're now a mother of two small children. How do you manage to balance family and work?
MILLER offered me the opportunity to work part-time after I took my maternity leave. I'm so glad about that. I work in the morning. In the afternoon, I take time off to spend with the children. Naturally, the two enjoy that. The start of the day is also largely stress-free for us because I don't have to be at my workplace exactly on the dot. The flexitime system at MILLER suits me really well.

If a potential applicant asked you about working at MILLER, what would you tell them?
I'd recommend the company to them. There's a good working atmosphere at MILLER, the earning opportunities are decent, and the working environment is clean and modern. The work-life balance is great, too!

Patrizia Hahmann

Retail sales assistant

Career at MILLER
2011 Joined MILLER in the polishing department
2011 Change to the edge rounding department (part of the finishing department)
2020 Returning to part-time work after parental leave

Family outings, cycling, baking

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