“The solidarity and cooperation with managers as well as with other employees set MILLER apart.”

Claus Jehle, Design Engineer

Claus Jehle is an automotive mechatronics engineer by trade. After further training as a CNC machinist and design engineer, he joined MILLER in 2008, initially working in manufacturing.
Today he works in the Design team and designs solid carbide tools for the aerospace industry.

Claus, what is a typical working day here like for you and what aspects of it excite you?

In a nutshell, I am responsible for producing and amending tool drawings. The individual projects I work on are very different in nature and come from clients all over the world.

It excites me that I am presented with new challenges time after time: The industry is constantly evolving and MILLER is moving with the times, working with the latest technology. Being part of this ongoing development inspires me. The working atmosphere here in Altenstadt is really good too. Cooperation with the other departments and also with employees at the other MAPAL Group locations works extremely well and, of course, I really enjoy it.


What are the biggest challenges in your area of activity?

I primarily construct tools for the aerospace industry. In this area, it is a challenge to estimate what can actually be implemented in practice. It really helps me here that I gained additional perspective through spending time in manufacturing.


How do you assess the work-life balance at our company?

It’s very good. Flexitime allows me to arrange my hours flexibly. That means that I can really pursue my hobbies, which primarily involves sports.


What sets MILLER apart as an employer in your view?

Here I have to say the solidarity and cooperation first of all – with managers as well as with employees. Managers take their duty of care very seriously. They always have a sympathetic ear for suggestions and proposals for improvements. And all of the employees are open with one another and ready to help, and that makes my work here much easier and more pleasant.

MILLER offers a wide range of opportunities for development too. Overall, the general conditions here at the company are very accommodating to us. Setting up a shuttle service for apprentices is a good example of that.


Thank you for talking to us, Claus.

Claus Jehle

Automotive mechatronics engineer
Further training as a CNC machinist and design engineer

Career at MILLER
2008 Joined as a manufacturing worker
2015 Deputy team leader in Manufacturing
2018 Moved to the Design team

Current position
Design engineer for the aerospace sector

Football, tennis, snowboarding, travelling

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